CABCO is Atlantic Canada’s trusted resource for structured cabling installation and service since 1980.

Our technicians take pride in offering reliability and quality work from pole top to desktop.

An optimized cabling infrastructure is everything

Whether deploying a Cloud-based technology solution or upgrading on-premise hardware, cabling infrastructure can make or break your technology investment.

Updating and certifying premises cabling will ensure your technology performs optimally. CABCO recommends the following Cabling Infrastructure Assessments to analyze, plan and certify your next project:

● Voice Readiness Assessment (VRA)

● Wireless Network Assessment (WNA)

● Network Hardware Assessment (NHA)

● Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA)

CABCO technicians are Communications Cabling Specialist (CCS) accredited. This ensures cabling infrastructure is properly installed, terminated, grounded, bonded, labeled, tested and certified.

As the oldest independent communications integrator in Atlantic Canada, CABCO has a solid reputation for quality work, reliability, professionalism and job safety in the industry. Plus, we offer a 25 year warranty on structured cabling for added peace of mind!

Cabling expertise from pole top to desktop


● Structured Cabling (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, RG6 Coaxial)

● Fibre Optic Cabling, Splicing and Emergency Repair Service

● Gigabit Backbone Infrastructure Design and Implementation

● Audio Visual and Specialty Cabling

● Technical Relocation of systems, hardware and workstations


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