WiFi and Networking

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CABCO offers a full range of WiFi Access Points, Managed Wireless and Ethernet Routing Switches by leading manufacturers designed to optimize network performance and permit the best possible user experience.

Application-first WiFi (Wireless LAN)

CABCO offers WiFi that offers an exceptional user experience, while reducing threats and costs via cloud management.

Application control: prioritize business-critical over best effort applications for optimal performance and security

Integrated controller: reduces equipment and simplifies deployment while ensuring no single point of failure or performance bottlenecks

More bandwidth: 802.11ac speed optimization leverages dual 5GHz radios to maximize bandwidth on newer devices, 2.4GHz radios to optimize legacy devices

Managed WiFi: cloud management permits simplified monitoring, application control and administration across your entire WiFi network

Security: highly secure encryption and 24x7 channel scanning for WiFi attack monitoring to mitigate risks 

BYOD and guest access: unified, automated guest access and onboarding process to easily add new devices and manage access restrictions

Flexibility: from indoor wireless networks supporting thousands of devices, to outdoor long distance point-to-point broadband solutions

Seamless integration: from pole top to desktop, CABCO can integrate your wired and wireless network with the technology you use everyday 


Avaya WLAN 9100 Series 




Ruckus Wireless 


Ethernet Routing Switches

         An optimized network ensures technology and applications operate the way they are intended. 

         From small business to data centers, CABCO offers a range of reliable ethernet routing switches:

      ● Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches available in 10, 24 and 48 port models
         ● Resilient stacking for scalable growth up to 80 GB of capacity
         ● Fanless models available for silent operation in open areas
         ● Plug-and-play capabilities, automatic QoS provisioning and intuitive management
         ● Energy efficient switch options delivering over 80% efficiency 
         ● Available Lifetime Hardware and Software Warranty 



Avaya Networking


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HP Networking